Media Management Made Easy

Storing, tracking and finding stock media files are as easy as it gets with the Kaizen Stock Media Module for activeCollab. Create your own media libraries, monitor licensing status, track media costs, and manage expense records in seconds, all from one easy-to-use, integrated interface.

Store & Organize

Project management can mean content management, and with the Kaizen Stock Media Module your team has everything they need to effectively store and organize stock images and other media content in customizable media libraries.

  • Store an unlimited number of media files to an unlimited number of projects and clients.
  • Find files in seconds with feature-rich search that includes keyword, type, client, and size filters.
  • Link media licensing to clients and projects, so you know what was used where.

Track Your Costs

Time is money, and Kaizen Stock Media Module helps you save both.

Instead of spending countless administrative hours tracking down how many times media content has been reproduced, the module can tell you in seconds. And tracking costs and payments for media by clients is easy with unlimited, customizable expense reports.

Integrated expense report functionality also lets you link individual media objects to any number of projects and set unique pricing for each client.


User-Friendly Design

The Kaizen Stock Media Module is so easy to use, even new users can be up and running in minutes without any training. And, the module integrates seamlessly with activeCollab's intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

  • Easy installation takes just a few clicks.
  • Intuitive interface makes storing, finding and updating media quick and easy.
  • Smart design and programming optimize user experience and convenience.

Intuitive Searching

Find what you need quickly with an intuitive search interface that makes finding what you need easy.

  • Search by keyword, media type, client, and size filters.
  • Tag away with an unlimited search tag limit for all media objects.
  • Even search by stock image size for media-specific content needs.

Different Access Levels

Need to share parts of a project but not everything? No problem. Now you can control who sees what with customizable access management. Unique access levels let you define user roles for administrators, management, employees, subcontractors, and clients.

Designed to efficiently support large teams, customized access level rights are easily assigned and managed with just a few clicks.

Case Study


For years our team struggled with how to efficiently organize the thousands of images we used in projects, especially when clients requested image information months or years after a project was closed. We needed a tool that tied into our project management system, but one didn't exist. So, we did what we could - we made it.

The Solution

As activeCollab users ourselves, we designed the Kaizen Stock Media Module to integrate seamlessly with it, and to efficiently store key image information that we might need at a moment's notice. So, what used to take us hours to track down before now takes us just minutes.

The results

  • Efficiency improvements of anywhere from 3,600% or more.*
  • Improved client relations and client trust.
  • Accurate, accessible information without guesswork.
  • Access to permanent records without space, time or quantity upload limitations.

*Efficiency results based on an initial search time of 2 hours versus a final, average search time of 5 minutes.



*ActiveCollab NOT included

Kaizen Stock Media Module is compatible with activeCollab 3.3.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 4.2.x versions

  • - includes 1 year upgrades & support
  • - 30 days money back guarantee
  • - secure payment throught PayPal