Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kaizen stock module?

The Kaizen Stock Module is developed to handle a big amount of stock media items, images, videos, documents, and could be easily updated to handle any type of items.

How will this module help my work?

The Kaizen Stock Module will get your projects in order by managing any stock media items in libraries. It is designed to save time and make the workflow easier.

What are the main features of the module?

The module allows the storage of unlimited number of media files to an unlimited number of projects and clients, links media licensing to clients and projects, intuitive searching, cost tracking, user-friendly design, different access levels, and others.

What technology does the module use?

The module is written in PHP, just like the ActiveCollab project management system

What is your refund policy?

Our goal is 100% satisfaction and we offer a full 30 days money-back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked, just contact support.

Is the module fully functional within the 30 days money back guarantee period?

Yes, completely. There are no restrictions or differences in the software.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. Instead, we offer a full 30 days money back guarantee, so you can get your money back easily if you change your mind about the purchase.

What payment methods do you accept for the purchase?

Payments are accepted via PayPal, bank wire, or other method.

Do I need to pay a programmer to install the module?

No, the installation process is very easy and takes just a few clicks.

How do I install the module?

There is an instructions file provided in the documentation, the installation is very easy. The installation procedure is also described in the MANUAL.

Is there any documentation that will help me start with it?

Yes, the product comes with an extremely detailed manual which may help both new and experienced users.

Can I install the module on more than one computer?

One purchased license allows one (1) usage/installation on one computer.

Do you offer volume discounts for multiple licenses purchased?

If you would like to purchase a bigger number of licenses for your company, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

I am not an advanced user, can I use this module easily?

The module is extremely easy to handle and use, the user dialogue screens are very intuitive and could be handled by users without advanced technical or programming experience

I need to restrict access for some of my staff members, may I do that?

Yes, the module supports different access level rights for each staff member, which could be adjusted either globally (per staff member) or for a project only (for all staff assigned to the project). The access levels are basically grouped into - view only, view only and create, view only + create + manage (edit/delete), which provides flexibility for companies with larger staff crews. In addition it is very useful to have the feature of providing your clients with limited view access. For more information, please review the product manual.

Will I be able to quickly find an item if they are too many?

That is the purpose of the advanced search functionality and one of the main goals of the entire module itself - to make the search and use of the items easily

What server power do I need to have the module added to my ActiveCollab system?

The module does not need any excessive calculating powers by your server, but would need a storage capacity - depending on the items you would like to store.

I do not own ActiveCollab, may I use your module?

The module is an add-on to the ActiveCollab system and cannot be used separately.

Which versions of ActiveCollab is the module compatible with?

Currently the Kaizen Stock Module is tested on all versions up to 4.2

Does the Kaizen Stock Module support different languages?

Yes, the module supports data added with different character sets, which means that different languages could be used

Can I use the system to store other items, not only images?

Although the system is currently set to work with stock media items, it could handle basically any other type of items with just minor changes to the code, due to the flexibility and the modularity in the source code.

Is the module compatible with additional modules by other companies which I have installed on my ActiveCollab system?

Yes, the module is an add-on which works separately and should not interfere with the additional modules you may have installed.

Do you offer a free upgrade&support period?

Yes, included with your purchase you get a 1 year free upgrades and support by our company

What happens after the free upgrades and support period?

You may upgrade to a higher version of the module, if any has been launched by that time, at a discounted price

Do you offer additional paid assistance if needed?

Yes, our programming and support departments will be happy to assist you. (Kaizen Web-Productions)

I have some further questions. Who can I talk to?

Please feel free to contact us here